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Getting noticed

So you've published your e-book. Congratulations! What happens next?
When you publish your book on Readstreet, we will do all we can to highlight it using our blogs, newsletters and a number of social media channels. However, some of the most important work is down to you.

Publishing your book with us is just the beginning. The real promotion takes place in your own personal networks. Using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts as well as your personal website you can share the link to your published work on Readstreet, providing your readers with a safe platform for browsing, buying and reviewing your books. We help you to help us to help you to... well - you get the picture!

Successful promotion on Readstreet

  1. Upload your book to Readstreet
  2. Enjoy a selection of free promotion on the Readstreet website and in our social media channels
  3. Use links to your Readstreet book page/s in your own networks
  4. Get monthly updates on number of downloads to measure results of activities
  5. Use ratings and top list rankings as fuel for additional promotions

Raising your profile

At the end of the day, nobody is a better spokesperson for your work than you. This is why we encourage our writers to stay in touch with us; let us know what you are working on, provide us with success stories and make yourself available for interviews. This all helps you to maintain a relationship with your audience and keep them interested. We will provide plenty of opportunities for you to shine!


Contact us for more information on raising your profile as an author.


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