How it works

How Readstreet works

Publishing on Readstreet is quick and simple. Once your book is formatted, uploaded and approved, it will appear in the bookshop and become available for all visitors to view and purchase. It will also be listed in the "Recently Published" items for as long as it is one of the five most recent e-books.

Step 1 - Format
When structuring your e-book, it is important to follow certain guidelines for the layout and setup of your content. Below is a basic ticklist for creating your e-book structure:

  • Font Type - Use Courier, Helvetica or Arial which are easy to read online
  • Font Size - Use 12 pt as default
  • Line Space - Use a 6pt lead or a maximum 1.5 line space
  • Margins - 1 inch minimum to sides
  • Add Header - with book name, chapter and author
  • Add Footer - with copyright notice
  • Format all headings to H1
  • Format all subheadings to H2
  • Format all sub-sub headings to H3

Step 2 - Submit
Readstreet currently enables publishing in two different formats: PDF and EPUB. Once you have the book structure set up, all you have to do is log in, submit your book in .doc or .rtf format and it will be converted to the output format of your choice.

Step 2 - Review
Readstreet reserves the right to refuse publication of any content which is found to be in breach of copyright legislation, sexually or racially offensive, promoting illegal activity or otherwise unsuitable for publication. All content will be reviewed prior to approval.

Step 3 - Publish
Once an e-book has been approved, it will be published in the online bookshop and highlighted as a recently added item.
The author owns the copyright of each published item. By selling it using Readstreet

Step 4 - Sell
The author independently decides the price of each item they submit for publication. By uploading an e-book to the Readstreet bookshop, the author gives Readstreet the right to sell it on their behalf, at a 50% commission. Each author will receive a bi-monthly truncated payment of their share of purchases which will be credited to their PayPal account in pounds sterling, subject to PayPal commission fees.

Step 5 - Promote
Once the book is available for purchase, Readstreet will carry out a number of activities to promote the book to the e-reader market. Newsletters, blogs and social media channels will all be utilised to create an interest in the book across a number of channels. The author will also play an important part in the promotion by directing readers to their book page via their own networking channels.

Loyalty Rewards
As a writer, it's sometimes easy to give up if you don't see quick results. We know it's difficult to find an audience - that's why this service exists. And as we want to encourage you to hang in there and try that little bit harder, we reward all our writers with an additional 10% share of purchases after 6 months' membership. This means that you are eligible to 60% of the payment of every download, subject to PayPal commission fees, once you have been registered with us for 180 days.

If you have questions on these steps or on any other aspect of our service, please feel free to contact us.


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